Heather Hitt








Artist Statement

I became fascinated with pottery as a very young child watching a neighbor work on her potter’s wheel in her garage. She always told me that when I was big enough she would teach me how to throw. Unfortunately she moved away before I was big enough, but I always thought about it and as soon as I arrived at college I took my first pottery class and found it to be as fulfilling as I had always imagined. I bowed to parental pressure to get a “real” degree and a “real” job, but I continued to follow my passion by taking pottery classes whenever possible. Altogether, I have been working with clay for approximately 12 years.

My greatest passion is to make functional art and to see others enjoy and use what I create. Pieces of art that people can interact with routinely while adding to the beauty of their live. Currently I am exploring the simplicity in everyday functional ware – cups, bowls, and plates that are more easily used. While a 20-inch platter can be admired during a dinner party, so can the cup you drink from every day. The use of slips and stencils to provide a texture and decoration is also of interest to me. I recently spent time in Ireland and am eager to begin incorporating the texture of ancient ruins and rocks that I found so inspiring during my travels.

I finish my work with either cone 6 glazes or wood firing. I recently have begun to develop and mix my own glazes rather than being limited to the shop glazes at the studios I’ve attended. It is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the chemistry behind glaze calculations. While significant variation can still be achieved through application techniques and layering of glazes, oxidation glazes offers a shorter production schedule and the opportunity to finish a higher volume of work.

Alternating between the high color saturation and consistency achieved with oxidation or reduction firing and the serendipitous variations and more muted earth tones found with wood firing makes a fascinating contrast. There is beauty in, and appreciation for, both sides of the spectrum. While I am drawn more towards the atmospheric wood firing process, given the logistics and limited firing schedule I find that I need to explore more readily available with standard glazing applications too.



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