Kate Harkins






I became an artist after a decade of working with homeless people. I now primary devote my art making time to the studio but am privileged to work with the severely injured, as an artist in residence at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Artist's Statement
Abstracting for me is not usually a literal jump from the point of representation but instead a play, influenced by themes or things I want to explore, such as nature or the human form.

Play is an important part of my process, involving a back and forth between me, the canvas, and the laboratory of experimentation that the studio can become. I work to access what is raw, both within me and the materials, pushing to discover a new version of beauty and to invite the viewer to share in that discovery, with the trail of my exploration partly revealed and partly concealed.


Columbia City Gallery | 4864 Rainier Ave S | Seattle WA 98118 | 206.760.9843
Hours: Weds-Friday 12 to 8p, Sat & Sun 10a to 6p