Elinor Maroney

I feel that the teacher in any given situation learns at least as much as the students.

I grew up and started college in the northwest. I finished my Bachelor of Arts at the University of the District of Columbia when I was 40 years old and subsequently completed my Master of Fine Arts at Antioch University in Columbia, Maryland eight years later.

I have worked in porcelain and stoneware for over 30 years. I try to price my functional ware so that my work can be used daily in the home. A few years ago I started decorating with bright colors and am thoroughly enjoying this new direction. My latest decorated pieces are non-functional wall-hanging wheel thrown beads in black and white. It is exciting to be able to continue to grow and change in my work.

I have spent much time developing new glazes at various temperatures and I have taught ceramics to all ages from children to seniors, and from beginners to experienced potters.