Christine Lee

I need to be able to organize and control the elements on the paper but there is a certain amount of imbalance that I need as well, like the mystery of an unanswered question or a bittersweet ending to a movie.

Christine Lee headshotChristine is a printmaker from Seattle, WA who grew up surrounded by the farmlands and pastoral plains of Iowa. She earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Syracuse University and headed west to follow her creative interests. Christine was the Design Director for Dillon Works, Inc.! – a unique design and fabrication firm in Seattle. She sketched on napkins, memorized the Pantone book, and art-directed multi-million dollar projects.

Motherhood gave her a chance to redirect her career path towards her passion for layering with ink. Christine began her printmaking career over 7 years ago.  She creates her monotypes in the sunlit sanctuary of the Pratt Fine Art Center’s printmaking facility. In the summer of 2015, she was among 20 artists hand-picked from across the country to appear on labels of Blue Moon Belgian White in celebration of Blue Moon Brewing Company’s 20th anniversary.