Bill Booze





My childhood was spent rock hunting with my dad, searching for garnets and fire opals in the hills of Idaho. As a teenager I took up photography, winning an award for underwater photography at the age of 23. My interest in rocks and unusual compositions has kept me intrigued through the years. Twelve years ago I began working with gems and have not stopped since. Certification as a bench jeweler by the Gemological Institute of America opened up a new world of composition and color for me. I enjoy creating custom pieces and am always interested to see what treasures a new approach to the gold and different gem combinations will yield.

When hand cutting my specially chosen stones, I plan for maximum brilliance. Many commercial stones you have seen in jewelry stores are cut above what is known as “critical angle”. This means that the stone has been cut for weight, and the stone itself is thinner. You can usually see through a stone that is cut in this manner. All my stones are cut deeply for maximum sparkle and brilliance--always above the critical angle. This means you cannot see through my hand cut stones. They have the "ooooh factor"---radiating a rare brilliance and depth of color that my customers comment on again and again.



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