Pamela K. Beer









Artist Statement
“I paint what my heart sees whether real or imagined and sometimes I combine the two.”

Pam‘s paintings on birch panel are the result of mark making and strategic placement of color between marks that result in an abstraction of her subject. Her mark making is experimental and achieved using a variety of textures, layers, glazes, and opaque paint onto birch panels. Each is finished in Gel, sanded, and waxed providing an extra special surface. Works may be representational with a twist of abstraction to complete the story about the subject or completely abstracted. Her most recent abstracted works involve a set of symbols describing the journey of conversation.

Education and Other Background
A hobby artist turned professional in June 2013. Private and group lessons Art2Life Academy – Nick Wilton 2016, Susan Melrath 2015, Pat Dews workshop – 2014, Daniel Smith workshops 2013; Art Beat Kirkland Arts Center Oct 2015 & 2016 (live auction)& Pine Lake Covenant Church Youth Fundraiser Oct 2016;Instructor at Kirkland Arts Center- Current; “Beauty Out of The Ashes” Art and featured speaker at Pine Lake Covenant Church (PLCC) Feb 2016;Making Art Women’s shelter- Mama’s Hands April 2014; “Creating Space for Joy” Art and featured speaker at PLCC Feb 2015. Artwork used in slides and marketing publications -October 2013 

Juried Shows
EAFA Abstract show; Jan- Feb 2017. EAFA Open Show- December 2016; ICON show Juror award- Lynn Hanson Gallery, Seattle, WA Sept 2016; “Big Presents, Small works” - White River Museum, Auburn WA – Nov-Dec 2016; Blakely Hall (via Art East) Issaquah, WA November-Jan 2015-2016; H20 –What’s it worth? -Columbia City Gallery, WA 2016; EAFA Juried Open Show July 2016 (Juror’s award); “Anything Goes”: Art East, Blakely Hall Nov-Dec 2015 and 2016; East Side Fine Arts for the Abstract show at Seattle Design Center Mar 2014-May 2014;
“Surface Treatment” Era Living - Sep-Mar 2013; Pacific Regent Tower 1 in Bellevue, Washington- Dec 2013-Jan 2014.

Private and Public Commissioned work
Issaquah Public Utility Box image purchased- Installed 2016;Sandi Farnum-Green Valley AZ, Seattle, WA 2015, 2016, & 2017;Dave and Gayle Larson, Redmond, WA 2012, 2016; Luke and Stephanie Tracy, Sammamish, WA, 2016; Nanette Amis-SLC, Utah 2015-2016; Diane Tomasovich, Bonney Lake, WA, 2015;
Tim and Meretes Wente, Houston, TX 2016 (in work); Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Aye-Sammamish, WA 2015; Ilene Jones-Bellevue, WA 2014; Large works for sanctuary Pine Lake Covenant Church between 2014,2015 & 2016.  

Galleries & Exhibitions:
Columbia City Gallery- Holiday show and personal wall space; Solo Show Vetiver Salon- Issaquah, WA October-November 2016;Utah Arts Market – SLC, UT 2016; Evergreen Health Center Silver and Red galleries 2016;Alki Arts 2016;“Art in You” Carillon Point Nov, 2015; Solo Shows Northstone Realty– Nov 2013, 2014, Issaquah, WA; Frame Up Studios, Freemont, WA  2015; Windemere Edmonds, WA 2015; Pine Lake Covenant Church 9-2014-6-2015; Fremont Art Walk April, August 2015; Edmonds Art Walk February, June 2015; Solo Show Fall 2014, 2015 Northstone Issaquah, WA; Community Artist Program- Seattle Design Center 2014-2015;Small Works Holiday show Art East 2013

Public Display
Utility Box – corner of Front and Gilman St. Issaquah, WA.; Sanctuary Art- PLCC 2015 -2016

Awards Received & Publications
Juror Award - “Between Heartbeats”;ICON show, Juror Award-“Sisters of My Soul” 2016;Bi-weekly blog articles through (8 syndicated articles) 2015-2016;FAV15, October 2013, Bold Brush contest
Daniel Smith favorite -2013; Xanadu Gallery Catalog Nov 2016; Issaquah Press “Local Artist perpetrates acts of creativity,” August 2014; Artsy Shark online publication 2014

Professional Affiliations
Columbia City Gallery, Art East, Bellevue Art Museum (BAM), Center for Contemporary Arts (COCA)


Columbia City Gallery
4864 Rainier Ave S | Seattle WA 98118 | 206.760.9843
Weds-Fri 11 am to 7 pm